We regularly meet as a social and educational group. Sometimes we meet to expand out minds with new ideas, and sometimes we meet just to socialize. We welcome new and prospective members out to give us a try, for free. All of our events are listed on our MeetUp page.

We are a community of non-believers. We invite all Humanists and Humanist-friendly people to participate with us, including atheists, agnostics, skeptics and other freethinkers.


We meet monthly at the Bayfield Loblaws (formerly Zehrs) at 7pm on the last Wednesday of the month. Here, we discuss interesting ideas, often with presenters coming to speak to the group. Humanists love science and philosophy. Our meetings tends to include learning about science, talking about ethics, listening to charities and policy groups. We like to learn new things, and figure out how to make the world a better place. We take food bank donations at all presentations.

Please come by and check us out, for free. Any question? Email

2019 meeting dates

Thursday, January 30
Thursday, February 28
Thursday, March 26
Thursday, April 30
Thursday, May 28
Thursday, June 25
Thursday, September 24
Thursday, October 29
Thursday, November 26


As Humanists, we believe it is our responsibility to live compassionately and ethically toward others. We only have each other.

Every spring we collecting money for our Kiva lending program. Every fall we collect money for Plan Canada’s stack of books to developing countries. And at every meeting we take donations for the food bank.

Give with us.

We are a social and educational group
dedicated to promoting a positive,
humanistic lifestyle.